The Yuma Computer Repair Guy

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Serving the Yuma AZ and surrounding area – Computer Repair Yuma

All your computer problems can be resolved while we are on site.

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If you need bench service, (we take your computer to our workshop) Ryan does that for you too.

It’s all part of your computer service.

Need new computer hardware? We compare prices and install them for you.

How about a new system? Don’t be fooled by TV advertising. You need a professional system for your business.

If you are in the market for a computer, keep these tips in mind:

  • Warranty – name brand systems have the best warranties.
  • Software – what does your system need without extra bells and whistles.
  • Software backups – Make sure you get every piece of software in its original manufacture packaging. Anything else… and your being ripped off.

The Yuma Computer Repair Guy does computer repair work on many local business computers.

It is our experience, that a some business machine problems are directly related to the quality of the original hardware. If you have a computer built locally, all the parts should be new and under warranty. You should receive a large package of software with your new system. Always ask for the part boxes, so you are assured of new hardware.

We don’t build computers. We just help the ones you have – Work.